Monday, 28 January 2013

What is God trying to tell us?

We shall not be corresponding again with our MP on the Bill destroying the fundamental God-given meaning of Marriage, as he has written back showing that he fully understands our position.

For a long time it has been clear to us that we are in the midst of an unholy spiritual storm caused by the errors of Russia spreading throughout the Western World, predicted by Our Lady of Fatima. Unless we are strong in the virtue of poverty of spirit, especially detachment from this secular world, we are in grave risk of being swept away. This storm was identified by Pope Leo XIII and the great popes up to the present day, all of whom have been generally ignored. Hilaire Belloc raged against the acceptance of tainted State money especially for education, and he was ignored. We need to grasp that "he who pays the piper calls the tune". Is God calling the tune in this country and especially in the Catholic Church?

The greatest fear is that God may have removed himself because we have decided that we can do better without Him, ignoring that "In the warfare against the devil, the world, and the flesh, we must depend not on ourselves, but on God only; 'I can do all things in him who strengtheneth me'," Penny Catechism 1985.

The issues before us are fundamentally spiritual, albeit cloaked in secular actions; we are facing, as driven by some hidden hand, the same unholy attacks everywhere throughout the Western World on God's Commandments as revealed in Holy Scripture and the traditions of the most Holy Catholic Church. Our response therefore cannot be to adopt mere secular tools, methods or ways, as they are defective or next to useless: petitions to deaf and blind men of mud. We need instead the intervention of the Holy Spirit to convince this country and the Western World of its sins.

We therefore need sharpened spiritual weapons to fight or at the very least survive through the storm engulfing us. These weapons are based on efficacious, especially Traditional, Masses, Adoration and prayer, especially the Rosary, coupled with sacrifices, including fasting. These have become rusty and defective because of lack of use. How many of us are praying night and day over this Marriage issue and other great issues of the day? How many Bishops, priests and religious think of God first in the problems facing us and beseech us, even dare to command us, to get down on our knees praying for deliverance from this nightmare storm of sin? How many of us remember and pray every day the Litany of the Saints, given to us for times of peril? How many of us are drifting through life asleep, unaware of all that is happening?

So what indeed is God perhaps trying to tell us? We have concluded that he wants us to urgently practice detachment from the secular world, and this has come from our experiences of the decline of faith in the West and the persecutions we have had to face, requiring us to move parish or home several times, sadly not from secularists, but from so-called fellow "catholics" (with a small c): just because we were trying to simply live the Faith in neither "Traditional" nor "Liberal" ways. It reminded them of what they ought but did not wish to be doing. We had to fall back and learned again how to use the God-given spiritual weapons: we survived even long bouts of unemployment as God was more than generous to us. So fear not the wrath of secularists or others but the wrath of God and being written out of the Book of Life. You are being asked here and now: what will you give up -detachment from this world - to save your soul? Our time of testing has arrived, will we put on the right armour or will we merely surrender and go the way of the world?

If you think that this country is going to prosper or recover economically in its godless state, then, as one who was paid to develop reliable strategic world views, think again: look at Russia and learn from those increasingly Christian people what is now befalling us in not so subtle ways. Lenin and Stalin must be turning in their graves with horror. The spin doctors have blinded us to the underlying miserable state of rampant indebtedness of the Western World: we are living within an illusion of lies. The sins of the Culture of Death cry out to heaven for vengeance, and it seems that they have been heard; we now await the sword of justice: God leaving us to face the full consequences of sin.

So in our humble view God is perhaps saying: protect yourselves with the armour of prayer and detachment, relying on the spiritual at the expense of secular actions or be swept away by the storm. Wake up! Be proud to be a Traditional Catholic with the big T and C, living the Faith to the full.

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  1. Thank you for the thoughtful post. At least your MP has had the good grace to reply to you. I have written to my MP (Gordon Marsden - Blackpool South) 4 letters on 3 occasions over the last year or so, all very polite and respectful, and he has not even done me the courtesy of acknowledgement.


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