Friday, 17 May 2013

A Reflection on Temptation

"The devil took him up onto a very high mountain and showed him all the kingdoms of the world and the glory of them. All these will I give you, if falling down you adore me. Then Jesus said to him: your God you shall adore and Him only shall you serve." Matt iv 8-10.

In our recent visit to the Holy Land we were driven to Jericho to view the Mount of Temptation and the fifth century Greek Monastery of St George which clings high up on the face of the mount. It takes a full day to climb the mountain.

As we gazed up at the flat top of the mountain where Jesus was tempted to grasp all that He could see, this appeared to be a warning to all of us that the devil is always trying to tempt us and we wondered about the number of souls lost because of their desire for power, sexual gratification or riches.

As our gaze moved to the left of the mountain we saw another at about the same height and this seemed to confirm our great temptation today. For on that mountain was erected a television mast just across from the Mount of Temptation and it is through television today that we are presented with all the desires to gratify all our needs. Multitudes are influenced by television to live only for all that this media promises. So this is the temptation facing us today and the choice is ours.

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