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The Penultimate Times and the Beatitudes

We often hear and read dark forebodings about living in the final last times. This is discussed at length in the "Heralds of the Second Coming, Our Lady, the Divine Mercy, and the Popes of the Marian Era from Blessed Pope Pius IX to Emeritus Pope Benedict XVI", by Stephen Walford: Forward by Cardinal Ivan Dias and Imprimatur by Bishop Egan of Portsmouth. Now we learn that on 12/13 October 2013 Pope Francis is to re-consecrate the world to the Immaculate Heart of Our Lady. Surely we must sit up and take note?

We have been warned many times to stay awake and discern the signs of the times. Surely our loving God, the Father is reaching a point when He will do something to halt the global descent into the abyss? Many shrug their shoulders helplessly at more than 60 million babies, or one billion since the 1960s, murdered before and up to birth each year, the millions denied the gift of life through contraception and IVF, the emerging demand for the murder of babies after birth, the use of embryos in research, genetic modification of natural life, attempts to clone humans and designer babies within the test tubes of so-called science, and the overpowering desire to create and control life itself from the beginning to the grave. We have reached a state in which God is denied and evil is increasingly declared good and good declared evil, coupled with the legal condoning of the corruption of manners and the vices of the soul. Worse still, our children are being educated to accept the new man-made norms.

Followers of Christ are increasingly treated as freaks and worse still threatened on all sides globally by psychological and physical life-threatening persecution and destruction. The storm in the Middle East might be the birth pangs of global anti-Christian culture and even a global war on a scale never seen before. Do we have to remember WWI in this way and thereby betray all those who died for a better world for their children: us!

Added to this are the freak skies, weather patterns, famine and floods, earthquakes and volcanic eruptions, the burying of crime through under-reporting, crime and corruption condoned by weak courts, ineffectual world leaders, old conflicts refusing to die and new ones arising daily, with the world peace-makers at a loss for what do to damp down the fires of hatred. Are the emerging changes in nature and weather a sign of nature's very rebellion against man's global sinfulness?
In the 1950s our streets and byways were reasonably safe for children and murder was infrequent; now we have CRB/DBS to worry about and our children, especially the most vulnerable, remain continuously threatened, and we adults are reluctant to even smile at a child in case it is taken the wrong way. We live in increasingly isolated worlds fed by the media with pap to keep us happy according to their definition of happiness.
On top of this sorry brew is the flood of fear and filth poured out by the secular media into the eyes (souls) and ears of our society, thereby attempting to blot out from our minds what is good, with politicians aiding and abetting with their own brand of propaganda serving their own hidden agendas. So many are now predicting that the times are indeed ripe for the "Man of Iniquity" to emerge.
According to St John, there are many anti-Christs in the world, not just one at any time, and perhaps we are seeing legions of them emerging into our midst with vast numbers of christian tares aiding and abetting them. Evil leaders need followers and accomplices to do their evil global work. These followers soften up society to accept and condone increasingly evil ways or methods. From this unholy cauldron a new order of evil comes forth. Perhaps the growing fear and perversity in every era signals a new era of widespread inhumanity.
As there is one "Body of Christ" with Christ as its Head, surely it is not unthinkable to hypothesize that there might be one "Body of Satan" with Satan as its Head? The members of the Body of Satan comprise those who rebel against the good and love that is God Himself by choosing evil, against truth by lying, and against life itself by denying it and trying to control it for their own ends. They cry out in so very many and not-so subtle ways that "God is dead and all of those who believe in such nonsense are un-intelligent myth believers". Dorothy Sayers wrote that the Devil is crafty, or intelligent, but has a stupid core. So wisdom is much to be preferred to a coat of intelligence covering inner stupidity.
Turning to the one and only true Church following Christ through His passion and crucifixion, yes crucifixion, we see leaders of the world at many levels causing havoc and death using hidden means of influence, scourging humanity with multitudes of wounds, suppressing life, education, marriage, family life and encouraging all forms of disparate behaviour redefined as good, wholesome and desirably acceptable. Satan's lackeys everywhere are adding their individual and group contributions to the emerging new barbarism never seen before in the history of mankind. 

"Thousands of ethicists and bioethicists, as they are called, professionally guide the unthinkable on its passage through the debatable on its way to becoming the justifiable, until it is finally established as the unexceptional." (Richard John Neuhaus, 'The Return of Eugenics', Commentary, April 1988, p.19)
A very sobering account of the period between the World Wars is described by Paul Brendon in his book, "The Dark Valley", which leads to the conclusion that World War II just had to happen. The world has got worse since then as the errors of Russia have fuelled the rapid march away from God and decline in worshipping Him. World War III-IV, as things currently stand, is likely to be the default result of the "Ever Darkest Valley" we have trapped ourselves in, with the world powers poised to inflict far greater inhumanity on us all. Just as in the 1930s, as noted by George Orwell: Everyone was 'sleeping the deep, deep sleep of England from which I sometimes fear that we shall never wake till we are jerked out of it by the roar of bombs'. So it was then, so it looks likr today.
Frightening words, but even worse now emerges with the apparent suppression of the Mass going on in our very midst. It is being suppressed by priests and people who no longer really believe and just act as if they believe. It does not take much to spot these unfortunate individuals, just a little understanding of behavioural psychology. The result is that the efficaciousness of the Mass declines, leaving the people with a feeling of emptiness and lack of joy so they drift away, believing that today the Church has little to offer. Most noticeably in churches with suppressed or no Masses there is an apparent feeling of cold emptiness or lack of peace (Christ's).
With Mass suppressed and dwindling parishes, real love grows cold, and we appear to no longer know what love is and how to recognise it when we have it; the killing of the vulnerable in Belgium and the Netherlands are markers of a world without love. Love is God and without God you cannot begin to have or appreciate love: you are left with a chrysalis of hyped-up experiences, or personal needs, masquerading as love. With suppressed Masses we are left with Christ absent from our villages and towns, and consequentially these are enveloped in an impenetrable darkness. The Book of Revelation is opening up before our very eyes, driven open by legions of anti-Christs. This is why the call for re-evangelisation and the Year of Faith are so important to us.

Without doubt a Contraceptive Catholic Church will die out: no children, no people and no priests equate to no church. A Holy Catholic church is slowly emerging out of this darkness from the remnant who live for life in its abundance: this truly Holy Catholic Church will have the awesome power of God behind it, and its enemies will not prevail against it as its members adhere to its doctrines and the true Mass without dissent. 
What should we do in this difficult period so that we don't become overwhelmed? We surely want to belong to the one and the true Holy Catholic Church wherever we can find its roots among us here and now. However, without living the Beatitudes to the best of our ability, we shall not be able to discern it. We have to stay very close to the Pope and to all of those who support him. All of us of child-bearing age should trust the gift of life to God and welcome, without worrying but with joy, however many children He grants us, for He will provide for them so that we can rebuild the Body of Christ in the way God meant it to be. 
Each of us must move forward in faith: to stop still is to go backwards. We have to become centres of prayer and Eucharistic adoration, attending and living the unsuppressed Mass wherever we find it; from this will emerge beacons of love and hope as lights to those embedded in the escalating darkness. We need to keep before our eyes that, no matter how much this evil darkness spreads, Satan and his lackeys will never be allowed to conquer the world or us if we hang on in there, loyal to Christ and his true disciples identified by their adherence to the Beatitudes. Our little lights must become brighter and stronger, so that we shine out in this darkness like lighthouses guiding those who really wish to find the one and only safe harbour created by God through Jesus Christ.
For this to happen, each one of us has to grasp the nettle of understanding and living the Beatitudes: without doing this our progress will be stunted and to no real avail. We have to follow Christ along His narrow way and so become Christ-like or continue to drift at the mercy of the storms we are facing which are forcing us to accept so many different ways to keep us away from Christ's narrow way. This background presents my introduction to the Beatitudes, and is why we must do all that we can to live the Beatitudes so that they become second nature to us, and we will then, with God's help, overcome the darkness now swirling as a Satanic-driven fog enveloping the world and above all to help others out of this maze of despair.
The first blog on the Beatitudes of the Mount will start with the most important, and to many of us the most difficult, rung of the ladder to Heaven: Poverty of Spirit. It will concentrate on what Poverty of Spirit is not so that we don't delude ourselves.

Finally, if you remain unconvinced that we are in the penultimate last times, in "The Heralds of the Second Coming", there is a reference to Doctor of the Church St Hildegard's revelations which paint the period we live in as the Fourth Epoch - the Black Pig. St Hildegard's previous three epochs have come to pass with uncanny accuracy. I do recommend this book to you to find out that our era has been accurately foreseen. Our era will be followed by a relatively short and final epoch of the Gray Wolf or reign of the man of iniquity, Satan himself facing his final destruction by Christ.  We have been warned!

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