Friday, 27 February 2015

How to handle the de-Christianisation of our country

When I was a boy I was taught how to live in the world of the early 20th century which was as alien to Catholics as it is today. I was taught that we Catholics did not become involved in the unworthy or immoral practices of non-Catholics. We stuck to the Penny Catechism: kept our virginity until marriage, did not participate in perverted practices, kept away from corrupting influences and so on. We were brought up to treasure our faith above all things and to be aware that the world outside would do all it could to either dilute our faith or make us compromise it.

The problem today is simple: too many have compromised their faith which is no longer a bulwark against the influences of the external world. So when confronted by the alien ideologies concerning marriage, euthanasia, contraception, abortion, embryo research, medical-biological "developments" and so on, people capitulate. Someone said to me, "I wear my cross hidden under my coat". This is the same as saying, "I am a private Christian and fear what the alien world might say or do, more than I fear God". 

Bear this in mind when you come to vote in May.

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