Saturday, 6 June 2015

Reality Check

St Paul to the Romans, 1:22 – 32

It would appear that as we step back and review what is happening in the world, we hear increasing numbers echoing the voice of Satan inside and outside the Church, “I will not obey. I will not serve.” The consequences of this gross disobedience is that God is leaving increasing numbers to their own devices, and the Holy Spirit, who cannot abide sin, is withdrawing. The consequences of this is astonishingly clear to those who can still see and hear: violence, apostasy, arrogance, ignorance, lack of creativity, growing stupidity, culture of death, gross immorality, break up of the family (the building block of civilised society), fornication, redefinition of marriage, euthanasia, disarray within the Church, climate change, gross debt, corruption in high places, abuses of all kinds against every person irrespective of age or position, ISIS (which is becoming unstoppable), war-like sounds and threats, and global economic crisis. We could fill pages with what is taking place as nations fall like ninepins to the siren calls of Satan and his demons. A senior Irish politician, speaking after the recent same-sex marriage referendum, said this is equivalent to the Russian Revolution. Poor people; does that mean they should expect the march of the Gulags into Eire. Will there indeed be any faith left on earth?

Weak as we are the faithful need to consolidate, strengthen the Faith and hang on in there even if it means going underground as so many had to do in Russia. We must stop all back-biting and criticism, and love one another despite our individual frustrating weaknesses. We have to be the seed-corn for the future generations and if necessary be buried in the ground.

Please re-read the parable of the Prodigal Son and pray for Eire, Germany, Austria, Belgium, the Netherlands, United Kingdom, France, Spain, Italy and all nations who have turned increasingly away from God and His Commandments. Pray that when they come to eat the husks of swine that they will have acquired the humility to turn back to God in repentance. Then and only then may we see the darkness now prevailing turn to light.

Meanwhile hang on in there and if necessary batten down the hatches, for we are indeed going through unprecedented stormy times.

God bless you all.

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