Wednesday, 14 September 2016

New Assistant Rep for Lancaster LMS

We are pleased to report that John Rogan, who serves Mass for us at Hornby and Sizergh, has agreed to become Assistant Local Representative which will relieve some of our load and allow us to continue as Local Representatives and this has been approved by the LMS Committee.

Bob Latin & John Rogan

John will be responsible for the liturgical side of things - the arrangement of Masses (eg Sizergh), new Mass initiatives, finding priests and servers and checking on the rubrics etc. We will retain responsibility for the administration - liaison with HQ ie making submissions of Mass Listings to HQ & reports to Mass of Ages, sending details of Masses for advertising in the Catholic Voice etc. We will also handle the money side and make financial returns to HQ when required. By dividing the duties this way we will be able to fit the LR role more comfortably into our schedule.

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