Sunday, 5 November 2017

Make Holy Souls November also Reparation November

Fifty years of uninhibited slaughter of the innocents is today passed over largely in silence: micro-aggression accusations are made against anyone who remembers publicly those murdered babies or tries to speak the truth.

We need to grasp that in this country a population greater than London has been done away with, and this will have included many potential geniuses of politics, arts, science, medicine, priests and religious, to say nothing of saints. This slaughtered number does not include those discarded embryos from IVF and embryo research, the latter endorsed by a "catholic" minister. 

How many so-called "catholics" endorse, or practice, abortion especially through contraception? Indeed how often are people publicly reminded that some contraception is abortifacient? How many women have been unknowingly rendered sterile by products marketed by Big Pharm?

Yet the fog of silence continues and invades everywhere, including the Church, and is especially dense around the pulpit.

We traditional Catholics must not and cannot duck the issue of Culture of Death,  and should not only remember during this month our loved ones who have departed this life, but also make acts of reparation for those who were not given the "free choice" of life. 

One last thought: why should God give us vocations when we are not producing children?

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