Friday, 14 September 2018

The Accuser who reveals

At our deaths, Satan the Accuser will, before Jesus Christ, accuse us of our unrepented and unconfessed sins. Satan is the instrument that opens up souls to inspection. If he is, as accused by the Pope, focussing on Bishops then this is permitted by God for the cleansing and chastisement of the Church. Until all has been revealed and made clean, the Church which has become too worldly, or at one with the world, will remain impotent. Until and unless the world hates the Church, for the right reasons by being a reproach to the world, it will remain powerless to help and guide the suffering flock. Let us all pray that the Accuser does his job well under the permission of God and within the bounds set by God.

Irrespective of the above, because of the increasing hysteria being hyped up, there will be Bishops and Priests falsely accused; the accusers will be motivated by a wish to become publicly noticed, because they love a good scandal or through hatred of the Church. These clergy could be severely damaged by such accusations by no longer being able to relate to their flock. We must pray, protect and be loyal to innocent clergy so falsely accused.  Our Lady, pray for and protect them.

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