Sunday, 2 December 2012

Blessed are those who serve

Blessed are those who serve

It is never too late to learn or relearn serving the Traditional Mass; knowledge of Latin is not really required, only a practical ability to speak and follow the Latin words. If with my inability to learn Latin, due to my dyslexia, and the need to be extra careful in following the words in case I miss one because of my deafness, I can serve the Mass, then anybody, irrespective of age, could serve blindfolded after a little practice! Once the basic routines (drill) are learned, nothing could be easier, as the routines once learnt, never change.

The pictures show John Rogan and myself (tallest) on our first attempt together and the second picture shows us serving the Mass under the guidance of Michael Massey with Fr Stephen Cross (RIP).

Serving as a duo is a little more complicated because you need to agree beforehand, and remember who is going to do what and move where; otherwise the altar is graced by bumpsy-daisies and indiscreet scuffles over the cruets, and lectionary. John and I never quite stumbled into that state.

So what is the pay off if you serve? Simply, the unforgettable experience of being so very close to Jesus Christ during the Consecration, to say nothing of the Graces you receive. If St Thomas More as Chancellor of all England enjoyed serving the Mass first over his King, then surely more of us should be inclined to follow his example.

Please do think about it, don't be shy, don't be worried about making mistakes, we all do including Priests, and you will never regret serving Jesus Christ at His Altar.

Interested? Then please do contact us: upper age limit none (don't know about wheel chairs and crutches) and lower age limit for boys about seven or so. All that is asked of you is an adherence to the routine and the setting of an example of respect for others to follow.

Wednesday, 26 September 2012

Mass Times in Lancaster Diocese

We have now added a Mass Times page to the blog. So to find the Traditional Latin Mass times in North West England just click this link or select the tab at the top.

The Masses listed on the Mass Times tab are the regular stable Masses offered in Lancaster Diocese. Additional Masses, especially non-frequent Masses will be added here on the main page when they are organised.

If you are asking yourself "why is there no Traditional Latin Mass in my area?!" and you would like to change that, please get in touch with us using the Contact Us information tab at the top.