Wednesday, 19 August 2015

G K Chesterton on Suicide

 Taken from his book "Orthodoxy" (1927)

At this time when Parliament is debating suicide yet again and again: between the two Houses it has become an annual event with the underlying theme that if we it do it to cats and dogs in our mercy for them, surely humans even more deserve this mercy. Once when confronted by a catholic gentleman who decried life because he was a burden to others, the riposte was to accuse him of preventing others from getting to heaven by preventing them from providing him with acts of charity.

Pre-mediatated suicide, assisted or otherwise, removes the one and perhaps only last chance for the person concerned to save their soul by accepting their cross and thereby closing the gate into heaven: so-called christians like Dr Carey who advocate mercy killing of terminally ill people have lost the plot, and the cross is not only a stumbling block to them but by declaring undignified to have a suffering death, hurl insults at Jesus on the Cross and worse still at the Father for requiring this of Jesus and us for our redemption. We suffer and die for the sake of ourselves and others: what a noble cause!

Chesterton does not mince his words:

Mr William Archer even suggested that in the golden age there would be penny-in-slot machines, by which man could kill himself for a penny. In all this I found myself utterly hostile to many who called themselves liberal and humane.

Monday, 3 August 2015

In times of peril

The Litany of the Saints has long been used to invoke God's protection in troubled times. Find it here

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